Ningbo Branch
Main business scope of Ningbo headquarters

1.Import and export business by air

The Company provides air services, including airport to airport and door to door services. Customers can track the information of each shipment by the Company in time online. Export business by air is also one of our key businesses. At present, we have maintained long-term, close cooperation with a number of internationally renowned airlines with respect to export business. In addition to adequate space in export business by air in time, the Company also gives back to the customers with preferential prices and first-class services.

Export DDU and DDP and import EXWS and FOB will be one of the Company's traditional strength in South Korea, and meanwhile the business well operated in Australia, Southeast Asia and the United States is also a major feature.

2.Combined transport by sea and air

As for high cost of air freight in peak season and weak shipping timeliness, the Company introduces the combined transport business, i.e. one-course by sea + two-courses by air from Ningbo to Incheon / Busan, to the largest extent for different needs of the customers.

3.Import and export business by sea in LCL, FCL and bulk services

Import and export business by sea is the Company's largest business project. At present the Company has established a long-term partnership with a number of shipping companies, especially good, long-term cooperation with Wan Hai Lines, China Shipping (Group) Company, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, American President Lines, Maersk Line, Royal P&O Nedlloyd, Hanjin Shipping, Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., YANG MING Group, CMA CGM Shipping, Pacific International Lines, Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. and many other world-renowned shipping companies. The Company is engaged in handling import and export freight from and to the ports around the world. Our business is related to bulk, FCL and LCL services, chartering and booking services by sea, freight of ultra-heavy and large cargos, multimodal transport services related to customs declaration, transit, inspection, examination and site to site transport in Chinese ports and foreign ports of destination, as well as door to door transport services regarding container packing and unpacking.

FCL and LCL services in import and export business by sea will be given priority to by the Company. At the same time, we’re providing the customers with comprehensive services through more favorable freight rates, thicker shipping dates and wider routes. In addition to general LCL or standard container service, the Company also undertakes dress hanger, reefer, opentop, flat rack and other business. We have a wealth of experience and good reputation in the transport of heavy object export and bulk. Good relationship and information exchange with a number of bulk ship owners around the world will be conducive to satisfy the customers’ full demand for logistics. Such close cooperation with reputable shipping companies not only improves our service quality, but also helps our customers reduce their costs and grow in a highly competitive market environment.

4.Clearance and inland transport

Unique services will be provided to the customers in port clearance and inland transport. The Company has set up offices in the custom houses stationed at Shanghai Shipping Exchange, Baoyang Road, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Airport and Bonded Area. Professional staff assigned will be capable of quick and timely provision of delivery order of import and export goods, customs clearance, inspection, examination, import allocation, tax payment business, inspection agency business, agency for electromechanical examination, import and export manual, certificates on tax levy or exemption, enterprise annual examination and filing with the customs, enterprise annual examination of electronic port IC card and enterprise registration and filing with the inspection and quarantine bureau, declaration business of articles for personal use, as well as fumigation and inspection and quarantine operations. With the assistance of our container transport fleet in a long-term cooperation, the Company could be capable of safe, reliable transport and warehousing services to the customers in door to door packing, bulk cargo without fixed barge, and packaging, etc. EU-Around Logistics Co., Ltd will provide the customers with credible and reliable clearance services and professional solutions on the basis of rich and professional experience in the declaration, according to the customer's shipping requirements.

5.Warehousing and logistics services

The Company has the large multi-functional, comprehensive container storage and transport base, and builds modern bonded warehouses under customs supervision; container trailers and bulk transport fleet equipped with GPS and handling equipment under customs supervision could be capable of warehousing, storage, transit, bonded storage, container LCL and unpacking, cargo rearrangement, packaging and other operations for various goods; import and export goods can be provided with door to door services, along with two or more multimodal transport services. At the same time the Company also provides the customers with other warehousing business for the purpose of the convenience for concentrated transportation before goods export and the allocation after the clearance of goods import. And we can bring about labels, marking, packaging and other value-added services for food, cosmetics and other special items.

Office environment in Ningbo Branch