Shenzhen Branch
Main business scope of Shenzhen headquarters

FCL transport by sea

Equipped with inland trailers, trailers between Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong and feeder services by the Pearl River Delta barge, no matter how tight the shipping date is, SHANGHAI HANBONG INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD is committed to providing the customers with flexible and diverse options, including different ports of departure, shipping companies and cut-off time, from Mondays to Sundays. We will, as far as possible, meet all the customers’ requirements.

Supporting services for sea transport

We give full play to professional declaration advantages, and provide the customers with one-stop services including empty containers reserved at terminal yard, trailers, commodity inspection and customs declaration, along with cargo insurance, clearance and other services. With client needs as our mission, we will continue to move forward and ensure your goods will be smoothly and quickly arrived!

We provide the importers with thoughtful import transport services. According to the customers’ requirements, we will provide FCL delivery, LCL allocation, customs declaration and inspection, land and air transit and other services in the port of departure and destination.

A: Container export business within Guangdong Province

A-1: Mainly engaged in business from FCL and LCL in Shenzhen to South Korea's base port, covering barge port business along the Pearl River Delta including Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan and Zhanjiang

A-2:FCL and bulk export business covering the lines for Vietnam and Bangkok in Southeast Asia and Australia

A-3:Agency for customs declaration and trailer business of machinery and bulk export

A-4:Price advantage and fast customs declaration services in air route from Shenzhen and Guangzhou to South Korea

A-5:Warehousing, handling, storage and distribution for bulk and entire container at the port

A-6:Container business of domestic trade from Guangdong Province to the places across the country

A-7:Bonded warehousing business, and value-added services for Hong Kong One-day tour

A-8:LCL container truck, tonnage vehicles and entire container business between Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong

A-9:Warehousing and handling, local pick-up and return and distribution business in Hong Kong

A-10:Consultancy business of special container export

B: Import value-added services in Guangdong Province

B-1:Value-added services for local clearance in Shenzhen and Guangzhou regarding imported goods by air

B-2:Value-added services for local clearance in Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports regarding bulk and full imported goods

B-3:Value-added services for imported goods warehousing in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region

Office environment in Shenzhen Branch