Tianjin Branch
Main business scope of Tianjin headquarters

1)Provide booking space, stowage, collection and allocation of import and export goods by sea and air, including cars, bulks, containers, LCL transport and other services

2)Provide integrated warehousing services of import and export goods, including loading, warehousing, cargo sorting, packaging, measuring, weighing, listing, labeling and shrink wrapping

3)Provide customs clearance services, with all customs declaration and inspection strictly controlled by professional personnel for the purpose of accurate declaration contents

4)Provide container, vehicle, bulk, LCL and other road transport services

5)Provide refrigerated transport services from fresh vegetables and fruits to frozen meat, seafood, and special chemicals

6)Extensive services including inland delivery and off-site issuance of bills of lading

7)Door to door services for import and export goods

8) Sea-railway combined transport and transit combined transport through Eurasia Land Bridge for international containers

9) Domestic railway and sea combined transport, rail-to-sea container train transport and sea-railway combined transport services

Region concerned: the port in the middle around Bohai Sea District and shortest to inland areas including North China and Northwest China, as the sea portal of the Capital Beijing, also serving as the starting point shortest to the Eurasia Land Bridge

Engagement in the business via Tianjin from the places around the world to Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and other Eurasian inland areas

Through the routes of Chinese Land Bridge, the goods around the world can be delivered to Central Asia through the TCR;Through the routes of Russian Land Bridge, the goods around the world can be delivered to Russia through the TSR, to Mongolia through the TMGR and even to Russia in transit of Mongolia;

Through Iranian routes, the goods around the world can be delivered to Central Asia and the Caucasus through B.ABBAS;Through the routes of Baltic Sea, the goods around the world can be delivered to Central Asia and Eastern Europe through Riga, Klaipeda and other Baltic ports;

Import and export goods between China and Europe can be transported and delivered fast and in time through railway express train, which gives full play to all-weather, safe and efficient operation of the railway, with the whole transport time for 15 days or so, and direct access to Hamburg, Warsaw and other European cities, and then forwarding to the whole territory of Europe;

As for import and export business through international combined transport by railway, the goods from China to Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and other regions can be transported through international combined transport by railway;

As for sea-railway combined transport of the goods in transit, the goods from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the United States and other regions can be transported, by the port of Tianjin, to Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and other inland areas in Europe and Asia in the reverse form;

As for full railway transport, with efficient vehicle deployment channels, international combined transport including flatcar, gondola and boxcar will be provided according to the customers’ cargo situation, and strong port operation capability can be used to ensure clearance timeliness and reloading security.

Office environment in Tianjin Branch