Since its incorporation in Shanghai in October, 2000, Shanghai Hanbong International Logistics Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hanbong International”) has stood on the local market, concentrated its efforts on developing Korean routes of high quality, and gained senior operation history and market brands within the industry.
With registered capital of 6 million yuan, the company has so far established business segments in international air transportation, international maritime transportation, supply chain trading, project logistics, storage and third party logistics after developments and accumulations for years. Its comprehensive and complete services and products, constant optimizations of business models, continuous management innovations and unceasing improvements on branch network layouts have provided customers with all-round, modern and integrated logistic services and formed strong competitive advantages and superior service capabilities.
With its headquarter in Shanghai, an international shipping center, the company has 5 branches directly subordinate to it all over main ports and economically developed inland cities in China. Overseas networks with long-term cooperation have spread all over more than 150 countries and regions in the world. The two combine with each other to generate global logistics services and integrated development pattern of security system and network for the company.
Always with customer requirement satisfaction as its orientation, the company offers valuable services to customers and helps customers to acquire more competitive advantages and better developments in the market. “People orientation and win-win cooperation” are basic operation ideas of the company; while “activeness, positive direction, thankfulness and high efficiency” are corporate cultural foundation of the company.
Hanbong International, a professional logistics provider; Establish in China, Serve the world!

Engagend in the business via Tianjin......Details
Region concerned, the port in the middle.....Details
Passenger-cargo ship to Incheon......Details
Shanghai hanhong international logistics......Details
LCL services, Sino-Korea import......Details
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1.Shipping container
2.Air transport
3.Storage and transportation
4.Cross-border e-commerce logistics
5.Railway transportation
6.Import & export trade
7.Supply chain management

Shanghai Hanbong is the best partner which is providing 3PL,LLP and 4PL,the core capability of ucstomer.

Shanghai Hanbong makes use of many transport- ation utilities to deal with variable items requested by customer,Selecting and putting the nost suitab- le transportation utility in transport,we not only inc- rease the efficiency of logistics operating but also develop the logistics innovation with constant imp- rovement.

We primarily consider the quality and environment of logistics services,and do our best to provide tra- nsportation services of good quality through mana- gement KPI and CVO system.

Shanghai Hanbong provides Global Logistics Service to all over the world. Whenever,Whatever customers.Shanghai Hanbong brings the world together!

Shanghai Hanboong Conducts a pivotal role in joint logistics ne- twork for industrial complexes wide.We dedicate ourselves to op- erating joint logistics network with all our ability like transportaion, customs clearance,cross-dock,industrial process of distribution,p- roviding logistics information,consulting.Etc.and also give particip- ated-customers prime logistics competitive power through optimi- zed collaborative logistics(classified region,goods,function and etc.)

Customized IT solution enable customers to efficient DATA MING to analyze the logistics process and plan the logistics stralegy.It d- epends on how to manage the data occurred on all parts of logisti- cs process,Shanghai Hanbong procides the integrated logistics m- an agement system through constructing the customized IT soluti- on for each customer.

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